Cashmere Knitting Yarn

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Product Details

Spin way:ring spinning
Material: cashmere blended
Trademark:                        FABULOUS         
Specification: Customized (5S-35S)
Color:Natural color or dyed color
Feature:               Can make single and double count
Handfeel:                 Soft           
Quality:AA grade
Package: PP bag or Cartons or cartons with pallets
Delivery time:About 15-25 days
Payment Term:TT,L/C,D/P etc   
Usage:                        Knitting  
Suitable machines:Circular machines/Flatting machines

FAQ:What is Cashmere?

Cashmere, it grows in the outer skin of goats,a slice layer of wool covering the base of a goat’s rough hair. it is rare special animal fiber. It is really precious not only due to its scarce production.(it only takes 0.2% of the world’s production of animal fibers).but also on account of its excellent quality and character. It is priced by grams in transaction. It is called "fiber gems" , "fiber queen" and "soft gold".

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