Coarse Spinning Yarn Single Count

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Product Details

Coarse spinning yarn ——mule spinning

Today most of woolen yarns are made on the ring frame.There are two types of spinning systems used in coarse spinning yarn.Mule spinning  and ring frame spinning.


Some common products of Mule Spinning Yarn :

Spin wayRing frame spinning,mule spinning 
MaterialAcrylic,viscose,wool,alpaca,nylon,polyester ,cashmere
Feature1/8nm,1/15nm, 1/16nm,1/18nm
QualityAAA grade
PackagePP bag or Cartons or cartons with pallets
Delivery timeAbout 15-25 days
Payment TermTT,L/C,D/P etc
Suitable machinesFlat knitting machine
Shipping portZhangjiagang or Shanghai

FQA1:What is the difference between Ring Frame spinning yarn and Mule Spinning yarn?

Usually,Ring frame yarn are always double yarn.Mule spinning yarn are always single yarn.Ring frame spinning yarn is good in strength compared to Mule spinning yarn.That

Is why frame spinning yarn is always can be see in the market.And very few customer will demand for Mule spinning yarn.

FQA2:What shall we keep notice referring to mule spinning yarn?

Usually, It is single yarn. So it is not strong enough compared to double count yarn.It is easy to be broken .So even knit it into swatches, it will also occur uneven problem.


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