Linen Cloths Yarn

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Product Details

Spin way:mule spinning
Material: linen blended
Trademark:                                 FABULOUS
Specification: Customized (5S-35S)
Color:Natural color or dyed color
Handfeel:       dry、 tough   
Quality:AA grade
Package: PP bag or Cartons or cartons with pallets
Delivery time:About 15-25 days
Payment Term:TT,L/C,D/P etc 
Usage:                        Knitting  
Suitable machines:Circular machines/Flatting machines


What is linen?

"it is one kind of nepeta cataria .it is the earliest natural plant fiber used by human beings.  It is pure nature fiber. It has several outstanding features:nice sweat absorption; nice breathable material ; harmless to human body.That's why it attracts people's attention day by day.

Linen fiber have strong tension, very soft touching feeling, good fineness,

weak inductive, quickly water absorb and quickly water disperse.

We can always see linen garments on the market.clothes made of linen will be very nice and cool, comfortable. It also have been widely used to making auto seat cushion. it won't emit heat when people sit on it is really welcomed by consumers."

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