cotton silk knitting yarn

cotton silk knitting yarn

Fabulous Textile Company offers a competitive price for the online shopping fancy yarn. We are a professional and very experienced Chinese manufacturer.We will providing you with the best service and fast delivery. Welcome to order from our factory.

Product Details

Spin way:ring spinning
Material: cotton acrylic silk blended
Trademark:                      FABULOUS           
Specification: Customized (5S-35S)
Color:Natural color or dyed color
Handfeel:                smooth   
Hs code:52064200
Quality:AA grade
Package: PP bag or Cartons or cartons with pallets
Delivery time:About 15-25 days
Payment Term:TT,L/C,D/P etc    
Usage:                      Knitting    
Suitable machines:Circular machines/Flatting machines

FAQ:How to distinguish silk and fake silk?

"1)Observation method: Silk products looks very bright and smooth,have nice color looking and hand feeling very soft, gentle, very graceful. If fake silk ,it will have no pearly luster and seems dumb gloss. also it will have hard hand feel.

2)Burning method:When you burning the products. If no fire occur,but have the smell of burning wool. After burning, you can see black particles.when you touch it by hands, it will break up.then it is real silk; when you burn it, you can see fire, also have plastic smelling, after burning, you can see hard rubber.then it is fake one."

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