dyeing method of core spun yarn

- Jun 28, 2019-

        For example: 2/32s 48VISCOSE 31POLYESTER 21NYLON CORE SPUN YARN

     Core spun yarn in such kind of composition is really well known in the market and have been popular in the market many years.As we all known, core spun yarn is really soft and have good elastic.As usual, we dye it in “hank yarn dyeing”.Cause in this way, core spun yarn can keep in very good elasticity. 

       But it doesn’t mean this yarn cannot be dye in ”cone dyeing way”.If cone spun yarn dyeing in cone dyeing.It will shrinkage after meet high temperature, then no have big elastic.But it doesn’t mean no buyer will need it after such kind of effect.Still have buyer need this.Because it is suited for buyer who no need heavy hand feel.