Feather Yarn Raw Material selection

- Oct 18, 2018-

Feather yarn can be used in a variety of fiber yarn production, the current common is viscose, polyamide, acrylic and polyester. The composition feather  "Trunk " Part is the core line, its raw material quality performance must accord with the knitting yarn request. The finishing yarn is the main performance part of the feather yarn, which decides the effect of the finished yarn.

Decorative Fiber Requirements Gloss Good, flexible, can be naturally erected; the yarn strength should be easy to cut, can get the length of neat fluff, and not easy to drop hair, the general use of filament is appropriate; The core line should use the same heat shrinkage of raw materials, in order to prevent the yarn after finishing and dyeing caused by long hair, twist shrinkage, dry unevenness. Core yarn, the number of the yarn is determined with the number of finished products, but also by the effect of crochet numbers, in order to make the core yarn effective grip of the decorative yarn, the yarn should be 1-3 times thicker than core yarn. With 1/6. 5Nm light polyamide feather yarn For example, the core yarn using 70d/24f semi-extinction nylon filament, silk-trimmed yarn using 75d/24f three-leaf light nylon filament two feed people, to ensure the quality of yarn. In the selection of the raw materials we made a comparison and screening: With 70d/24f semi-extinction filament, single fiber surface is smooth, cutting fiber easy to slip in the edge, not easy to cut off, but flexural flexibility, resistance to curvature, tensile strength, can be used as a core line. The use of 75d/24f three-leaf-shaped cross-sectional light fiber, easy to cut and has excellent optical properties, has a larger coefficient of friction, more suitable as a decorative yarn.

Fabric feel thick, durable, made of cashmere fabric, its velvet surface can be kept plump, erect, with good swelling, gloss.