How to distinguish yarn material by burning method

- Jun 21, 2019-

Yarn material

burning phenomenon

Burning smell

Burning ashes


burning very fast with yellow color

like burning paper

a little small and soft ash in light grey color


burning very fast with yellow color

like burning grass

a little like grass ashin grey and white color


burning slowly with smoke and bubblebut no flame

like burning hair

a little ash with glossy black solid shape and easily broken when you gently press it


burning slowly and huddle up. 

like burning hair

Ash is small balls in dk brown color


Burning fast with yellow flame 

like burning paper

A little ash in light grey or grey and white color


First,curled up in ball then melting with yellow flame and smoke

Fragrance smell

ash is small ball in taupe color and easily to be broken when u press it


melting when burning, flame white and bright, black smoke

Fishy smell

The ash is a small hard black ball, brittle and easliy broken