How to make brushing yarn?

- Mar 11, 2019-

 Brushing yarn has been popular so many years over the market.Today we would like to talk about brushing yarn.Today we use 1/9nm 75acrylic 25polyester brushing yarn as an example.

     First, we arrange dyeing material of  acrylic and polyester blended.According to the color buyer placed.After finished dyeing, we make material into thick yarn.(PIC)

     Second, we put on the machine(PIC2), make it into boucle yarn.

     This yarn can be divided into 3 parts.Details as below:

     Centre yarn:1 PLY OF 100D POLYESTER

     Binder yarn:2 PLY OF 75D POLYESTER

     Molding yarn: the dyed material of acrylic and polyester blended

When all these 3 part go though the machine, then it becomes one ply of boucle.

Third, we put boucle yarn on another machine.(PIC3)Then it become brushing yarn.(PIC4)