Introduction of core-spun yarn

- Oct 18, 2018-

Core-spun yarn is generally strong and elastic fiber filament filament as the core, outsourcing cotton, wool, viscose and other short fibers together twist and spun yarn. The core yarn has the excellent properties of filament core yarn and short staple fiber. The more common Core-spun yarn has polyester-cotton core yarn, it takes polyester filament as core yarn to outsource cotton fiber. There are also spandex core yarns, which are yarns made from spandex filament yarns and other fibres.

Knitted or jeans materials made from this core-spun yarn are flexible and comfortable to wear. Its main purpose is to enhance the cotton canvas, and keep the cotton fiber water swelling and moisture resistance, the use of polyester in the rain when wet with tensile resistance, tear resistance and shrinkage resistance. At present, the core yarn has been developed to many kinds of types, summed up have: short fiber and short fiber core yarn, chemical fiber filament and short fiber core yarn, chemical fiber filament and fiber filament core yarn three categories. At present, more core-spun yarn is generally based on fiber filament as core yarn, outsourcing a variety of short fibers formed a unique structure of core-spun yarn. Its core yarn commonly used chemical fiber filament has polyester filament, nylon filament, spandex filament and so on.

Outsourcing staple fiber cotton, polyester-cotton, polyester, polyamide, acrylic and wool fibers.