Introduction to Gold and Silver lines

- Oct 18, 2018-

Now some valuable traditional fabrics such as brocade still use the above traditional gold and silver silk. The 1940s the development of chemical fiber film gold and Silver Line, is composed of two layers of butyl acetate cellulose film sandwiched a layer of aluminum foil and then cut into thin strips. Later, the polyester film was made by aluminum, color coating and other technology.

Polyester gold and Silver lines have two-color gold and silver wire, multicolored gold and silver wire, rainbow Line, fluorescent lines. Duanyan Precious Stone is one of the unique stone products in the Yan Shi of water and rock. The characteristic is like a line oblique or erect in the Yan Shi. The yellow grain is called the money, the white person is called the silver thread. It plays a decorative role in the Yan Shi.

The gold and Silver Line and the hardness of the Yan Shi itself, according to laboratory tests confirmed that the golden line from the pyrite pulse after a long-term formation; Silver lines (including ice) are formed from quartz veins.