Linen yarn material

- Jun 19, 2019-

      Linen, “the queen of natural fibers”.it is the earliest natural plant fiber used by human beings.  It is pure nature fiber. 

      Linen has several outstanding featuresnice moisture absorption; nice thermal dissipation; nice anti-bacteria, nice anti-dirt; nice anti-static; good health-care, nice UV-protectionnice frame-retardant ect. 

      Linen fiber also have strong tension, very soft touching feeling, good fineness, weak inductive, quickly water absorb and quickly water disperse.       That’s why it attracts people’s attention day by day.

      We can always see linen garments on the market.Clothes made of linen will be very nice and cool, comfortable. It also have been widely used to making auto seat cushion. it won’t emit heat when people sit on it is really welcomed by consumers.


      Today we are gonna to introduce 2 way of distinguish linen: 

        1touching method:

Fine grades of pure linen fabric are all woven by oakum.We can hold the fabric firmly and then let it go.If the fabric occurs wrinkle.When you touch it, you  have cooling sensation.Then It is true linen.

        2)burning method:

Take some fabric, and set it on fire.If you have found the smell like burning paper.And after burning, the ash of the fabric emerges off white, then it is true linen.