moisture absorption, moisture retention ,breathability of yarn fabric

- Jun 18, 2019-

     Today we are gonna talk about yarn fabric moisture absorption, moisture retention and breathability.

   The moisture absorption of fabric is mainly related to the type of fiber.All nature fibers have very good moisture absorption.F r example,SILK, COTTON,LINEN,WOOL.But some manmade fiber also have very good moisture absorption.For example, viscose. It is even better than nature fiber.And it is really widely used in garments industrial.

   And if fabric have good moisture absorption.Then It will also have good ability in moisture retention in certain degree.

   And if fabric have good moisture absorption.It will also have good Breathability.   Breathability also very important when talking about fabric.When we hear breathability, it just seems fabric can breath.But it also depends on the structure of fabrics. In short: the thickerthe denserthe worse permeability. In terms of texture, plain<twill<stain in addition. For synthetic fibers.They are not water absorption fibers.