Moisture regain of all kinds of yarn

- Jun 17, 2019-

Moisture Absorption is one of the indexes to test the physical properties of fabric.

It means the ability of a material to absorb water in the air.

One reminder:Moisture Absorption It is different from water absorption, which refers to the nature of absorbing water when the material contacts liquid water.

Two indexes of Moisture Absorption.Usually, it is Moisture Regain or Moisture Content.In yarn industry.Test of Moisture Regain Have been widely used in all these years.

Test method: Oven method.

We will take some yarn after bulk production finished.

  1. take one cone, then give away of the outside circle yarn.

  2. Then pull off another circle yarn.Then put in transparent bags.And test the weight, mark as A .

  3. Then put in OVEN for 2 hours.4)Then take out ,test the weight again, mark as B.

4Then ,calculate (A-B)/B, you will get the Moisture Regain of the yarn.

Below is some numerical reference of  Constant moisture regain :

NYLON          4.5%

VISCOSE        13%

COTTON        8.5%


RAMIE           13%

NYLON            4.5%

WOOL           15-16%

SILK.             11%

ACRYLIC       2%

VISCOSE       13%

Calculate Method of Blended quality :