Spinning method of core spun yarn

- Oct 18, 2018-

Core-spun yarn spinning method has two kinds: one is the ordinary spinning frame on the roving rack of polyester filament (or other filament), under the emission of cotton roving (or short fiber roving), cotton roving through the horizontal action device bell feed, and then by the drafting device. After the polyester filament is drawn without the drafting device, directly into the front of the roller roll back side of the collector and the draft after the cotton must strip together, and then by twisting spun into a core yarn. The second kind of spinning method is to feed two filaments in front of the roller, so that two filaments and after the draft of the pure cotton must be twisted and spun into a core yarn. This method of spinning is called improved core-spun yarn or fake core yarn. The second type of spinning method is characterized by: two filaments located on the periphery of the cotton whisker, increased the short fiber and filament of the holding force, reducing the first method of cotton fiber friendlydesulfuration on the surface of the yarn, and polyester filament in the middle of the yarn, cotton fiber has a long silk between the poor, weaving produced the "peeling" phenomenon.

However, in large-scale production, generally still use the first method, because a filament is easy to spin into a cotton containing more than the core yarn, woven fabric comfortable, and a long filament spun into a finer core-spun yarn, and fake core yarn production of core-spun yarn is just the opposite.