Advantages Of Core-spun Yarns

- Oct 18, 2018-

The core-spun yarn utilizes the fine physical properties of the core-spun filament yarn and the properties and surface characteristics of the contracted staple fiber, giving full play to the strengths of the two fibers and remedying their deficiencies. such as polyester-cotton core yarn can give full play to polyester filament very cool, anti-crease crepe, easy to wash the advantages of fast drying, but also can play a good absorbent cotton, electrostatic less, not easy to pilling. Woven fabric easy to dye finishing, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and bright color, beautiful and generous.

Core-spun yarn can also maintain and improve the fabric performance, reduce the weight of the fabric, as well as the use of chemical fiber filament and the different chemical properties of the outsourced fiber, in the fabric dyeing and finishing, with chemicals rotten part of the outsourced fiber, made with three-dimensional pattern effect of the rotten flower fabric. The use of core-spun yarn, the current cotton-based, polyester core-cored yarn use the most widely used for the production of student clothing, overalls, shirts, yukata fabrics, skirt fabrics, sheets and decorative fabrics.

In recent years, an important development of core-spun yarn is the use of viscose, viscose and linen or cotton and viscose blended polyester core yarn, as well as cotton and silk or cotton and wool blended coated core yarn, these products are very popular.