Available Yarn In Stock

- Apr 15, 2019-

As we have been produce fancy yarn almost 15years.Many of the popular yarn ,we have been keep producing all the year round. We make sure available yarn in stock ,Sometimes, buyer have very tight shipping delivery.So we can use yarn in stock&make sure very fast delivery.Sometimes, when make bulk yarn production.We have made excessive quantity than buyer ordered.This also will cause yarn in stock.So now we have many available yarn in stock.

      Feather yarn ,short hairy or long hairy, in different count; brushing yarn, in different count, toothbrush yarn in solid dyeing or space dyeing; chenille yarn in dumb quality or bright quality; boucle yarn in big loop or small loop; eyelash yarn in narrow or wide shape; air yarn in different composition ect….Pls check as below pictures ,if anything you want, pls feel free to contact us at lydia@fabuloustextile.net  glory@fabuloustextile.net Thanks so much.Looking forward to hearing from you.