Cotton Yarn

- May 08, 2019-

cotton yarn is the most normal but best seller. It is very basic textile material. it can be made into textile products. Products made by cotton have very soft and comfortable hand feeling. It is really suitable for making underwear, cloths, and four-piece suit used on bed. Pure cotton have nice hygroscopicity ,it can absorb water from surroundings. So when it touch people’s skin, it will make people feel soft . Pure cotton have nice moisture retention. Due to the porosity and high elasticity of cotton material ,so it have nice moisture retention, so it will make people feel warm when wearing it. Pure cotton have nice heat it is washable and durable. Pure cotton is healthy. Cotton is natural fiber.its mainly component is cellulose. It has no stimulation to the skin, no side effect. It is good for health to wear it in long term.