Knowledge Of Viscose

- Jun 10, 2019-

           Knowledge of  Viscose Viscose , it is man-made fiber.Viscose yarn,It is one kind of very basic quality. It is one of the yarn which have large demand over the market.Here are several reasons which have made them really great. Firstly,It is really cheap compared to any other material. Secondly, It have good hygroscopicity. It means it has good ability in absorb water and good capacity in moisture retention.This is really terrific.cause it just like as nature fiber.For example, nature fiber COTTON, its official regain is 10.5% while viscose official regain is 13%. Thirdly,It has good air permeability and good dyeing fastness.It is anti-static, ultraviolet-proof.It is colorful.Products made by viscose are very smooth and cool.  nature is cotton and quality as silk. It is plant fiber.It comes from the nature but better than natural. Viscose has widely applied to different kinds of underwear, weaving products, garments and so on.