Ramie Yarn

- May 11, 2019-

Ramie Ramie yarn is made of ramie fiber. It is known as “CHINA GRASS ” and “CHINESE TREASURE” all over the world. It has the function of antimicrobial and bacteriostatic which make it really special. Ramie fiber have excellent moisture permeability.It is 3-5 times then cotton. It has many function: bacteriostatic,breathability,cool, antiseptic,mildew proofing, sweat absorbing. it is the king of natural fibers. The most common quality is 2/30s 55ramie 45cotton FQA: How to distinguish linen and ramie? Appearance : Ramie has obvious wrinkle and clear angular while Linen have big wrinkle ,and the wrinkle will spread out slowly . Cloth cover: Cloth cover have impact structure, big gap between longitude and latitude while Linen have full structure and nice drapability. 3) When put in water, ramie products will become very hard while Linen products shows soft feature.