Shanghai Spin Expo Will Be Held On March 5th To 7th.Our Booth J09

- Mar 01, 2019-

Shanghai Spin Expo is the international Exhibition of Fibers, Yarns and Knitwear Industry.It has been held in Shanghai more than 18 years. It is very famous all over the fabric textile industry.It was held in World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center,Shanghai,China.

      For this season, we have prepared a lot of fancy yarn which are almost all are produced by our own factory. Mainly, feather yarn .brushing yarn,air yarn,chenille yarn ,tube yarn ect. We have prepared a lot of swatches, cone ect.

    There is a lot of work to be done as we have attend to the exhibition show. First, we choose the quality,  then arrange sample yarn, knitting it in fancy way, cut it in good shape, wash it, stick it on the show book, ect.

    When we choose the yarn which should be use.We consider it in several different aspect.Some has been chosen due to its rare characteristic.Maybe it is very few in the market.Some are chosen due to its popular.Some yarn have been popular all over the years.Our factory sell several hundred or even up to thousand tons per year.Some are chosen by its special characteristic.For example, recycle material. This year, we have prepared a lot of recycled polyester product.As we all known, it is low-carbon and environmental friendly.

     Our development&sourcing centre have been working on it almost 3 months.And it is almost finish now.Welcome to our booth.