What Are The Common Types Of Fancy Yarns?

- Oct 18, 2018-

Fancy yarn refers to the formation of irregular and regularity in color or structure, has a special appearance effect or shape, in general, metal yarn is also included in the range of fancy yarn.

Fancy yarns, in addition to different colors, can generally be divided into the following categories according to the processing method and appearance form:

(1) Super-feed yarn: It mainly has ring type, such as circle yarn, bead yarn, towel line; spiral type, such as wavy line; Curl class, such as Braid line, broken wire, such as broken wire.

(2) controlled yarn: It mainly has seed class, such as short seed line, Caterpillar line, coarse section line, such as slub yarn, bamboo line, composite fancy lines, such as forming rings, seed, with the waveform of the yarn combination on a yarn. 

(3) Special yarn: It mainly has chenille yarn class, such as knitting yarn, wrapping and wrapping, such as wrap-around yarns, core-spun yarns, deformed yarns, such as expanded filaments, stretch yarn, and air-textured yarns; fluff, such as Ramaus; flocking yarn, such as electrostatic flocking, lightning wire, such as silk with a light filament; gold and silver thread, such as with gold wire,

A wire or line formed by a silver thread; a groove, such as a water line or a butterfly silk.

(4) Printing yarn: It mainly has interval printing color velvet category, such as rainbow yarn; splash dyeing class, such as color dot line; Remove the color class, such as Multicolor line; pressure injection dyeing class: such as multicolor yarn;

(5) Raw material greedy into the yarn, the main color point yarn, such as greedy into multi-colored hair, multi-color short thread.

The use of fiber dyeing, twisted yarn dyeing, package yarn dyeing and tie dyeing and other techniques, yarn dyed into a variety of lengths, different shapes of the interval duplex fancy line, also can be regarded as a fancy yarn.