What Is A Knotted Yarn And What Are Its Characteristics?

- Oct 18, 2018-

Seed yarn is a kind of fancy yarn, according to the classification of fancy yarn, should belong to the control type. Its main feature is the regular distribution of a yarn on the prominent seed and named seed yarn. According to the color, raw materials, seed size can be broadly divided into four categories, respectively, cotton-type seed, Juan seed, Mao-type seed, color seed.

Zirong Xuan Munsu work in contact with seed yarn More, I prefer the color of the seed, the feeling of bright color, vivid and good, especially suitable for decorative objects. Seed yarns are generally used in flat knitting fabrics, or as auxiliary materials for decorative fabrics. Seed size also has the spacing and color can be adjusted according to customer needs, and the follow-up process is simple, as long as the washing stereotypes can be.

Specific product understanding, can go online search, Zi Rong on Alibaba show part of seed yarn pictures and introduction, like: Full polyester tri-color seed yarn, polyester two-color gold (silver) silk yarn, full polyester monochrome seed yarn.