Yarn Dyed In 6 Ways, Have You Seen It?

- Oct 18, 2018-

Yarn Dyeing method: yarn (including filament) dyeing has a history of nearly thousands of years, have long been used yarn dyeing.

It was not until 1882 that the world had the first package dyeing patent, and then the warp shaft staining.

One: twisted yarn dyeing The filament yarn or filament is transformed into a frame-connected twisted yarn on the spinning machine, and then dyed in various forms of dyeing machine is dyed by the yarn dyeing method.

Since there have been many monographs on the dyeing of twisted yarns, this book is not mentioned.

Two: Cheese dyeing The filament yarn or filament is wound on a tube filled with eyelets (requiring a proper winding density, uniform, commonly known as "loose Tube"), and then set in the dyeing of airborne yarn (also known as flat, Seaffold, creel, etc.) of the dyeing column (also known as yarn bamboo, ingot rod, plug, etc.), into the package dyeing machine, the role of the main pump,

So that the dye in the package yarn or fiber through the cycle, to achieve the dyeing method for the package dyeing.

Three: by the axial dip According to the hue and quantity of yarn warp, in the loose warping machine, the original yarn is wound on the coil of the hole to form a loose warp shaft (can be seen as a large package), and then installed in the dyeing machine on the yarn carrier, and into the warp-axis dyeing machine, the role of the main pump, so that the dye in the warp yarn or fiber through the circulation, to achieve the dip

The method to obtain the uniform color of the warp yarn is called warp-axis dyeing.

Four: Through the shaft rolling dyeing The warp-rolling dyeing is mainly used in the production and processing of the denim with the color warp latitude. It is a certain number of thin shafts into each dye trough, after repeated multi-dip, multi-rolling, multiple ventilation oxidation, the realization of indigo (or vulcanization, reduction, direct, paint) dye dyeing. After the pre-drying and then the sizing, you can get the uniform color warp yarn, can be directly used for weaving.

The dyeing groove can be a plurality (flake machine) or a (ring machine), which is used in combination with the sizing device is called the chip dyeing and finishing unit.

V: Yarn roll dyeing (ball warp dyeing) This is also a special method of dyeing denim warp, the dyeing process is the first 400~500 root yarn cluster is spherical, and then a number of bundles (such as 12 bundles, 18 bundles, 24 bundles, 36 bundles) of yarn in a plurality of dye tanks repeated multiple dip, multi-rolling, multiple ventilation oxidation, to achieve indigo dye dyeing, and then warp, sizing yarn.

The fiber bundle can also be dyed by the yarn bundle.

Six: Yarn Special dyeing method Like the fabric, the yarn also has local staining, such as printing, section dyeing, tie dyeing, printing, drawing, gradient and so on.

1, printing section 

According to the design requirements, the spread of the twisted yarn on each set distance printed on a bar (such as 0.5~1cm) color, can be the same color, but most of the five color.

It must be noted that the spacing must be irregular unequal, otherwise the cloth will appear "turtle" or "landscape painting."

2, Segment Dye 

A number of dyes at the same time dripping in the spread of the different parts of the twisted yarn, after vacuum suction or rolling fluid, then solid color, Wash. Compared with the printing section, the color segment is longer, the white yarn spacing is small, even the adjacent two colors will appear on the yarn "Block color".

The segment dyed yarn is used more on the knitted fabric.

3, Tie Dye

Twisted yarn in the local rope (or coated plastic film) tightly tied, and then dip, the result, the tie is left white, the strapping part from deep to shallow infiltration color, the non-strapping parts evenly coloring, the product has a lingering charm.

4, printing (printed warp) 

This method is generally used for the production of warp woven fabrics. On the warp printed on the pattern (not printed on the weft), product style hazy, like flowers not flowers.

Printing warp can be first woven (knitting method is first printed after the whole warp, weaving method is warping-weaving-printing), can also be printed directly on the warp, such as synthetic fiber warp can be printed on the transfer printing machine.

5, gradient dyed (colorful silk) The different parts of the twisted yarn (silk) are dyed in different time, so that each frame of the yarn from shallow to deep without obvious boundaries of the gradual color, such as the Chinese Traditional embroidery seven-color silk thread.

In addition, there are half dyeing, spray dianran color, single yarn continuous dip and so on.