100%Polyester Chenille Yarn for Hand Knitting   Ly-P232

100%Polyester Chenille Yarn for Hand Knitting Ly-P232

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Chenille yarn

It is a new style of fancy yarn. It looks very beautiful.It gives people one kind of thick feeling.It also gives people luxury temperament feeling.It has soft hand feel, plump suede covering, good draping, excellent water absorption.It has good thermal insulation and good decoration effect.

Nowadays, it becomes more and more popular. Especially in the past three years.You can see beautiful and fashion sweaters made up of chenille yarn everywhere.Not only fast fashion brand like ZARA, HM,New look ect, you can also see it in almost all shops  which sell sweaters.

You can also see it in court play.People make headdress flower with beautiful chenille which has obvious shiny effect.

Chenille yarn, it has big difference if you use different material.If you use shiny material, finished product will be shiny and bright.Especially when you expose it to the sun.It is really beautiful.But when you use dumb material, it will be in another effect totally different.It will give people very comfortable feeling.


It always used to make sweaters, carpet



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