Popular Standard Sizes Ring Spun Soft Viscose Rayon Knitting Yarn Price

Popular Standard Sizes Ring Spun Soft Viscose Rayon Knitting Yarn Price

Fabulous Textile Company offers a competitive price for the online shopping fancy yarn. We are a professional and very experienced Chinese manufacturer.We will providing you with the best service and fast delivery. Welcome to order from our factory.

Product Details

From raw materials to finished products, each of our Nylon Eyelash Yarn, Chenille Cotton Flat Yarn, Tube Yarn has undergone rigorous testing in terms of safety and efficiency. Since the establishment of our company, we have been aiming at standardizing production and serving the market with a scientific management system. On the basis of the principles of mutual promotion, complementary benefits and mutual advantage, we are prepared to engage and cooperate with more clients. We firmly believe that, with strong technical strength and excellent product quality, we will be able to become a leading enterprise in the country and even the world! The team is our forest, lush and full of vitality. But if we don't strengthen management and serve the public, the forest will disappear.
Spin way:Air jet spinner
Material: cotton,nylon,polyester,wool blended ect
Trademark: FABULOUS                                       
Specification: 1/2NM-1/9NM
Color:solid or melange color effect
Handfeel:soft smooth
Quality:AA grade
Package: PP bag or Cartons or cartons with pallets
Delivery time:About 15-25 days
Payment Term:TT,L/C,D/P etc 
Suitable machines:Flatting machines


What shall we pay attention when knitting air yarn?

When we knit air yarn we should knit it by double woven in order to avoid color dark and light problem. 

How to distinguish air yarn?

Usually we can figure out from the surface and hand feel.Air yarn looks a little hairy and warm.It also have bright effect when seeing from the surface.When u touch it you can feel really soft and silk feeling.

Meanwhile, our company staffs a team of experts devoted to the development of Popular Standard Sizes Ring Spun Soft Viscose Rayon Knitting Yarn Price. We select the modernized scientific management method and the brand-new management idea, provides the relaxed working conditions for the staff and displays individual special skill the platform. We will repay the society with attentive service and efficient management.
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